Young Binary Star Database

The Binary Star Database was created with the intent to share data of young, angularly resolved multiple star systems at an unprecedented scale. Data were collected using the Keck II facility high-resolution infrared NIRSPEC spectrograph. Resolution 30,000 spectra of both stellar components in a sample of several dozen pre-main sequence binaries were reduced and analyzed (e.g., Allen et al. 2016, submitted).

This website provides a variety of data products for open use by the community including mobile diagrams, plots of spectra, ascii files of the spectra (for each component), values for vsini, T_eff, veiling, and RV obtained through our team's analysis, and notes regarding special cases. Basic data such as K magnitudes, separations, and position angles (PA) are also provided. Spectra which have been smoothed have an asterisk next to the observation date; smoothing values are listed in the relevant notes.

The beta version provided here is incomplete; updates and improvements are in progress. Please address comments, edits, complaints, and suggestions to Lisa Prato ( This database was created by Saeid Zoonemat Kermani. Data reduction, analysis, and management was carried out by Ian Avilez, Tom Allen, Lauren Biddle, Sean Graham, Kyle Lindstrom, Ryan Muzzio, Gail Schaefer, Kendall Sullivan, Matt Wittal, Nuria Wright-Garba, and Allison Youngblood.

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Support for the development of this site was provided by NSF grant AST-1313399 to L. Prato.